"Taking Goalkeeping Outside the Box"
Taking the Goalkeeping Position to the next level.


Welcome to the Keeper Corner and "Taking Goalkeeping Outside the Box". This section is going to act as place for goalkeepers to learn new techniques, tactics, and all sorts of other goalkeeping "stuff".  The goal is to help keepers learn in a new exciting form outside of just training within the club.  We will analyze matches, have drills to do at home, talk about fitness and nutrition, and everything in between.  I encourage you to participate as much as possible and push yourself to that next level. 

All the materials here are not met to take the place of what you are learning with Coach Hal but rather supplement and provide a bridge between training and your free time.  It has been said that in order to master something you need to spend 10,000 hours on that topic or subject in order to meet that mastery level.  So lets break that thinking down a bit and see what that really means.

So if you were to dedicate all day, 24 hours straight of work, that would be 416 days of straight work!  In other words, you would have to work one year, 1 month, and three weeks non-stop.  Of course this is not possible because we need to sleep, go to school, and a million other things throughout the day.  So how can we ever master something?  So lets break it down into more realistic goals.  Lets say we work 6 hours a week (that means two practices a week and then a game on the weekend basically) that puts us at 32 years!  So you can already see that just practice and games is not going to get us to our desired goal.  So here is my challenge to all LVU keepers: let’s work 10 hours a week to better ourselves as soccer players.  Most of us already have the 6 hours down just by training with our teams that leaves 4 hours a week to watch games, do drills on our own, and all sorts of other goalkeeper related things.  What this basically works out to is this: one hour a day for those days you are not training or playing with your team.  Based on this we can master the position in 19 years.  Now before you get all upset because you are thinking geez that seems like forever away, lets think about it. 

If you start when you are 10 that puts you at a masters level at age 29!  Now it makes perfect sense because we can look at the best keepers in the world and they are between 29-35 years old.  What we need to remember is that master is the end goal.  In between all that we can be good, great, and all sorts of other levels.  I always tell all the goalkeepers I work with that the position is a marathon and not a sprint.  Change is a gradual thing and it takes time and effort to move that needle from good to great and eventually to expert. 

So I leave you with this until the next article.  Do your best to try everything and anything that is put on this page and in time watch how you change and become better as a goalkeeper.  Remember this little quote: "Yard by yard its hard, inch by inch its a cinch."