Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Lehigh Valley United FC mission?
A:  The mission of Lehigh Valley United FC is to promote the development of youth soccer in the Lehigh Valley and the northeast Pennsylvania region through high quality training, committed players and parents and by competing at the highest level competition.

Q: Why does LVU cost more than my local "home town" team?

+Many hometown soccer clubs have recreational programs whose fees are used to cover both the recreational program and supplement the travel program.  LVU team fees come solely from the team’s participants.

+LVU teams utilize professional, highly qualified licensed coaches who are paid for the year.

+LVU teams’ fees are for a year round program, including fall, winter, spring and summer play.   LVU teams do not take off for the winter and winter indoor training and league fees tend to be very expensive.

+LVU teams tend to do many more tournaments than the average club team. Most LVU teams utilize the Lehigh County Sports Fields for training space and games which comes at a small charge per usage.  LVU does have access to field space around the Lehigh Valley that does not have a fee associated with it, but usage varies by team.

+LVU teams compete at the very highest level of soccer in the state, region, country and internationally.


Q: What is the cost to participate in a Lehigh Valley United FC team?

+Lehigh Valley United F.C. is a federally recognized 501c3 organization.

+All monies collected by the team, with the exception of an administrative fee, goes solely toward team events.

+Team budgets vary from team to team depending on the number of events the Coach decides to participate in, particularly tournaments.

+Scholarships are available to players based on financial need.  Parents should begin the application process with the coach.

+There is no sibling discount for team fees but there is a sibling discount for the Administrative Fee

+Team budgets are for the full year of soccer and include fees such as fields, referees, leagues, coaching, tournaments, indoor training space, keeper training, etc. 

+Budgets are divided by the number of players on a team.

+Budgets are reworked every year based on what was done the previous year, so the total amount can change from year to year.

+Budgets serve as a “ballpark” figure as events are subject to change due to changes in scheduling.

+Teams often do independent fund raising to help offset costs. 


You can expect an LVU team to be in the range of $800 per year for our new, younger teams and rise to $1,800 per year for our older teams competing at the very highest level of soccer in the state, region and nation.


Q: Is Lehigh Valley United FC only focused on winning?
A.  It is about more than winning games. The Lehigh Valley United soccer club has a philosophy of developing high quality soccer players who love the game, have respect for fellow players and have an appreciation for world class performances. Winning attitudes are encouraged in an atmosphere of fair play and hard work; all within the governing rules and the spirit of the game.

Q: What is our position on the local and national Olympic Development Programs?
A.  Many of our teams have placed players in the EPYSA Olympic Development Program, the US National Team Regional Pool. Locally, we encourage our players to look for playing opportunities with local teams in addition to their participation with Lehigh Valley United.  About 1 in 5 LVU players were selected to participate in the Winter '08/09 training sessions.

Q: What about the success of Lehigh Valley United graduates?
A.  Recent Lehigh Valley United graduates have moved on to college and university programs at Lehigh University, Bloomsburg, DeSales, Drexel, Duquesne, Elizabethtown, Farleigh Dickinson - Madison, Gettysburg, Kings, Kutztown, Lock Haven, Mary Washington, Messiah, Muhlenberg, Slippery Rock, Susquehanna, Swarthmore & University of Pittsburgh, and the University of Vermont just to name a few.

Q.  What is the commitment level of our players?
A.  Players typically commit to year round training and competition.  Some athletes may play other sports but soccer is their priority.  Balancing multiple sports does become more difficult as kids grow older, especially with the expectation that soccer with LVU will be their primary sport.

Q.  What is the commitment level of our coaches?
A.  LVU chooses head coaches who are able to make the massive commitment it takes to train, foster, and create championship teams.  Although LVU has numerous staff trainers, academy staff, and training directors who are college coaches, all of our head coaches make their club team their #1 priority.

Q: How do I tryout for a Lehigh Valley United FC Team?

A. Lehigh Valley United teams are always looking for talented players throughout the year. Please contact our staff at the addresses appearing in the Home page and see the Tryout section for a Tryout form.